You are the center of zenziya

We are the Central American fintech where you make your decisions

Founded in July 2018, we started as an online personal loan company.
Thanks to our algorithm based on artificial intelligence and constantly under improvement, we are able to approve your loan in less than a minute.

We hope to offer you new services that meet your needs

We make a difference with our attention to those small details that you’d surely not expect from a financial institution.
We want to anticipate to situations, so we can give you new answers tailored to your current and future needs.

A team of experts, youngs in spirit

We are technicians, designers, finance experts and marketing specialists who share the goal of creating a new type of financial institution for everyone.
zenziya is run by people like you, determined to improve your experience.

After you’ve met zenziya, you won’t want to go to another financial institution

Our services are truly personalized

Deep down, it's more about you than about us

Our brand speaks to you in a zenziya*, easy way

We understand each other easy because we are as warm, emotional and talkative as you are

We are modern people, attracted by new technologies and the benefits they provide.
However, we do not lose our taste for traditions, for family and friends.
This is the good thing about being similar.

*zenziya is mainly pronounced like “sencilla” which means “simple”

We are people-oriented people, like you

The more you grow, the better for us.
We take care of you and protect you by allowing you to grow at your own pace and preventing you from taking risks that may turn against you.

We are zenziya, a brand that goes beyond the services we offer

We are on the road to a new type of financial entity that is part of your life. We are always with you wherever you go.
We are here to help you with unforeseen events, and we will treat you in a fair and transparent way.
We believe that we can improve the financial service that others give you today, and we know that we are the alternative to traditionally offers..